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⚜️Tip of the day – Taking care of our face/skin⚜️

As we know by now… there is a lot different products for our faces/skin out there. Or home made creams/oil etc.etc. Right? 

P.s. Remember we all have different skin tone/type and the body response to it differently. It is good to always do a tiny test on your skin… before you decide to try a new cream or use a new product for to avoid allergy & so on. 


These products is one of mine favourite product. Which products is your favourite?

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Video 3 of the day – allergies ..;( 

Food allergies are not a joke… Sadly. How come we have a lot people this days that are allergic to something or someone hehe??? 

Or is it just because we talk more about it today or we read it on the social media? Hmm.. However it is… It is sadly with all this allergies 😦 
Take care!  


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