Tip of the day

Peace and love

-Smile –
Say it and feel it!
Feel happy
Feel love
Feel healthy! Important with The mindset!
So many people talk shit about MJ why he is white without thinking maybe there was a reason for it. I am sure MJ was proud to be black and he will always be the legend! No one can’t replace his music and him!
The Black and white song says it all! MANOR L.O.V.E to all of you! STOP THE RACISM! So sick of it!
Human rights, no matter what colour we have on our skin! Or how we look!
I know what I am talking about: here in sweden I feel and I felt the racism: when people or kids yall at me : go back home you don’t belong here! You are so dark! You have black hair! You come here for eat our food and take our money! And now when I am adult some jobs turn me down because I am not Swedish!
Now f u! I pay f taxes. I am working hard and more then you and I earn double and more then you! I pay your f kids dentis or medical shit and many other things with my taxes money! And thank you for making me stronger! Look at me! I am proud of who I am and how I look! And I am proud of you too my friend who read this and feel the same as me! F racism or any kind of rudeness!

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Michael Jackson – Black and White