Tip of the day


Hello to all my fans and friends, ( IMPORTANT)

P.s. Just for your information:

1. Thank you again for all of your love and support!

2. We all know that there is a lot of “unreal” Psychopaths/idiots out there… but for your information, Maybe for some of you this is “Super” important to know: I am as real/honest as I can be, so no worries! 😉

3. We also “clean up” my facebook friend and here on WordPress list every month. If you are still here. Then you made it. 🙂

4. I am not after “likes” or gather over 1K fans/friends… or either false ID/people. I just do what I like and I have passion for like blogging, Djing, making music and teaching. This is also why I clean the list every month and I am appreciate all of your love, respect and support. Thank you.

5. I am a real serious proud woman and I am working as Musician, DJ, Blogger, Singer and a teacher.

6. I wish I could answer all of your messages or notes but sadly can’t do that… it is to many. It´s not because I am ignoring you but…it is just too many. I can´t answer them all. Some even gets reported/muted and deleted 🙂

7. I have taken few weeks off from the “DJ” and I will let you know when I am back here. It will be soon! 😉 My blogging will continue like before.

*** I want to say thank you too alllllll of your Love, Respect & Support! I appreciate all of you! Bless ya all! MS. Jules ***

Peace and love