Tip of the day

😡👎🏽✌🏾🖕🏾😡 pff 💩🤐

To this m *f… Silly f tiny you with a small head and small penis who had nothing to do then send me f up stuff and try to f my account… send me pictures on hard penis! Seriously?? Hahahahaha m* f!
You… yes you!! a tiny Little guy this how you are really one f looser and a psychopath!
No worry karma will f you more back .. just wait for it! Comes soon!
Get yourself a good life with positive mindset pls and maybe operate you for your wish to come true…lol since you won´t show your face! hahahahahah and stop sending me stuff on my other blog page!
I normally ignore all is childish psychopath behaviors but I am so done with this shit stuff…
so From now on I will clean up the following list and close all the messages and comments.
I want good/peaceful ppl on my FB/blog!
I hope the rest of you will understand this and I am sorry for this message! I have and I will report all of you who try to do this shit again!
Peace and love 😡🖕🏾🙏🏽✊🏽👊🏽👎🏽💩🤐