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Thought of the day 

So much hate and war…. What kind world we want for our future…? For our children… Heartbreaker … 🙏🏽✌🏾️ peace and love … 
Yes… Sadly… All the Cruelness & all the bad things. All this is happening in other countries too… Some people/children/animals who get sick, or are Hungry…or poor, or they get killed or there is no freedom…. And more…
Yes, we all are done with this shit… Some of us don’t even want to look anymore. We are closing our eyes. Some of us … Just Can’t do anything.. Or..? Can we..? 
Or some of us just nagging about getting/buying for our selves iPhone or playstation.

Or NO I don’t want this or like that….some never are satisfied with life…or what they got/have ..yes yes we all have dreams…right? anyway..
Make a change … Make a better place for you and for me. Some say: Start with your self! Be a better person/human been. And the rest will come…!? I am a strong person but together we are stronger. All my prayers to all this people/children/animals in our world. Peace and love✌🏾

#war #stop #peace #love #future #life #freedom #humanity #children


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