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Stop the violence – message of the day – 

Brave mom speaks out about domestic violence… 
But I know there is MEN who also get beaten by their girlfriends or wife’s… Or the (physical/mental Violence. And they are ashamed to tell others.

Sometimes I feel like way to go girl …. But then same time I think… It is the same when a man use violence against women. And NO violence is good.. So ..Anyway…

It is more normal in our society sadly that men use more violence. But there is also some women…

Never allow or stay in a relationship with a person who use any kind of violence!! Someone who call you or your child for bad names (mental violence) and or beat you/child (physical violence)! 

Stop the violence against women, children and the men! Humanity rights…show each other love and respect. 

You can’t handle it… ?You can’t do this…? Then walk away… Help your self! Ask for help! 

See your self in the mirror, make a change for the better … How many life’s do we have…? 

Make a change for you and for me…. You can’t do it alone? Then ask for help! You are NOT alone! 

Never accept any kind of violence! Handle it in a smart way… Get help… 

Peace and love 



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