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Thoughts of the night …video part 2…

– Thoughts of the night –
Yes… Here we go and say shit, I don’t like this food or I don’t like to eat this or that! 
There are so many animals/ppl/children in our world that don’t have anything to eat or drink!!! 
The rich ppl/countries become more richer and the poor countries/ppl become more poor…
And sadly many animals get killed for their flesh/skin/bones/fur.. Etc. 
What happen to the human/woman/man rights?

What Happens to the children’s rights?

What happen to the animals rights?
My deepest thoughts and prayers are with/for all the children/animals/ppl in our world…
Stop the violence, war, the hunger… Stop the terror/stop being so hateful! 
Together, we can make a change! 

Together, we are stronger! 

Let’s make a change for you and for me and for our entire human raise/world! 
Right now, seriously…Who wants to bring a child into this horrible world of ours? What future will they have/live?? War? Hunger? Hate?poor? Rich? Stressful? Etc. 

Peace and love 

Goodnight world…

Video: (I don’t if this facts are real/true… But still this is how most of our world looks like…) 

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