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You are beautiful ! Video clip 

You are beautiful – video/song clip

Thank you for all of your love and support

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Song/video of the year – for all the beautiful people inside and out! Don’t forget to LOVE AND RESPECT EACH OTHER! 
Words can hurt someone very deeply and you might don’t see it. But hurts! 
And for beat someone and hurt someone with shitty words… Is the worse thing you can do. Also it is getting worse for the animals. 
Stop the violence against humanity and agains the animals! Stop the war! 
Where did love go? Everyday this world of ours is getting more darker and darker… 
With a lot hate and violence! 

What kind of world/future are we building up for us or for our children… God bless us all… 
– we all are beautiful no matter what you say – words can’t bring us down! We have to be strong! Together are we stronger! 
Thank you Christina Aguilera for this beautiful song! As a musician/singer my self, I love ya and I have love and respect for you. 

Peace and love 

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