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Thought of the day 

If everyone goes right then go left! 

✊✊💪💪🌟🌟 go left or right. 
I don’ t like to be like someone else! Or like other artist/musician/blogger/producer/teacher/women etc. 
I am proud to be who I am! Are you proud of be you? You can’t change others! But you can only change your self! 
We need LOvE, respect, peace, Care for each other and hugs in our world 🙂 
#standoutfromthecrowd #noncommercial #go #left #or #right #proud #musician #artist #blogger #producer #DJ #women

3 thoughts on “Thought of the day 

  1. Yup, I’m proud to be me , ’cause there is no other me than me in whole world! You are correct! World needs no more respect, love, faith etc… Than now! Was a nice read! 😊

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