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Happy Valentine’s Day – poem of the day 


Even my cat wants to say happy Valentine’s Day! Hehe ✌🏾️🙏🏽😂👌❣
Poem of the day: 

My love: 

My most intimate feelings run to you… you are the breath of my soul..

if time could stand still, i would freeze it

so u would always hold me close and near

in ur arms where i’m meant to be, filled with the perfect love u have given me

a bond strong, a hold tight, to know u are the one, my mr right

a blessing sent from up above, in u i have found my true love…

our lives entwined to be as one, upon this journey we have begun

where u and me will find no less than eternal love and happiness…The king of my heart: Happy Valentine’s Day min skatt. 

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