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A resource saying about followers on the social media or Facebook 

Ok! Seriously something special that I want to share with ya … Maybe you don’t care or you will read this and you will think hmm and you will think twice… I don’t know… Anyway…;) 
On the radio today, They were talking about how many ppl/fb friends we/ some ppl has. (I don’t know if this research is very true and how did the research but anyway) 
For example, Like some ppl they have over 600-1000 so called followers/fb friends! And they don’t even know them. Or have ever even spoke with them. They just add them. 
But they have done some kind of research about this. They check how many of those 1000-600ppl will normally be the so called true friends. 
For example: What if something happens then probably only the 100-150 ppl will answer/care not the rest. Not even that haha …And we shouldn’t be scared/ashamed or so of be without the social media or have only 150-200 fb ppl. 
Another thing is also that many relationships ends just BC of Facebook or the social media. BC some ppl cheat BC it is easier and or they are not satisfied with what they have! Trust me the grass is not greener then the other side. 😂😜🤗 
Don’t get me wrong… Have 2000k followers or follow them… But for what use? Lol if you are unhappy don’t hurt your partner or others! Start to change you! Your life! You can’t change others! 
So I have emails every f day almost for get my self many followers BC I am a musician/artist etc. But read this I don’t want to be f fake and have 2k or million etc followed for my Fb fan page! I don’t care! If you want to follow me then do it. But keep the f DRAMA OUT FRKM MY F FB! Or I will remove you! And block you! 

Peace and love 

Good luck! Now the message stops here… You want to share this with others it is fine with me. 

I hope you get this. LoL not so easy for explain my self or write a story like this hahaha peace