Think about your family and close once… During Christmas. 

Ok! Mother Theresa did it again… (Me) I did it again …. I just give away 3 Swedish saffron cookies, one kronor drink (pant) – recycle! 
And here comes Julia’s best thing….(I just give away my favourite clock) to a poor woman who was from Bulgaria! 
She asked me what time is it and I answer her. And we talk a little… Then I decided to give her my clock! 
She smile (big smile) and said thank you. 
To be honest I don’t know what she will do with my expensive favo. Clock… But to see her smile… It was enough to see it. 
I wish her all the best and I told her bless you… Take care! 
Just to see her smile.. It made me happy! 
Take care of each other. 
You can’t change others but you can change your self! 
Make a better place for you and for me! 
Bless you Alll…. Hugs

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Tip of the day – have a nice weekend! Hugs 

Something you can do with your children and or if you are a teacher etc. (Christmas stars)   
Good ideas!